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14 is my new lucky number for December and January

I wasn’t so sure where I was going to show my Biscayne National Park Project for December 2011, and January 2012, and then came the offer to move my Everglades show up from the June and July time frame, and seeings that it is already book it wasn’t possible. When they called I made mention of my Biscayne N.P. work which the Homestead CIty Hall Program coordinator seemed to like, and then it had a place to show for December and January. I am going to be at the December 14th evening council meeting where I am will speak a little bit about the work and the idea behind the work.

I am now also going to hang my newest work the Everglades Project in the Everglades City Museum on December 30, 2011 for the month of January, and my opening will be on Saturday January 14, 2012. I had never met the museum director Mr Timothy England until this past Wednesday, and to say the least he seems to be one of those guys as an artist you wish you could work with on all your shows. I had spoken with Mr England on the phone a few times, and now in person, and all I can say is I wish I could work with more people like him when it comes to doing shows.. Having worked with many other people and places makes one appreciate when a good program director or artist coordinator comes along. If you or someone you know lives close by or is going to be passing by Everglades City in January please do stop in for a look cause you wont be disappointed to say the least.

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Doing portraits in a new way, and then some.

I have always wanted to do portraiture, but do it in a new way.  So when a friend asked me to take his picture for the  up coming Nori Nori album I though it would be another somewhat traditional people photo, but it turned out to be so much more. So when we started shooting, I thought traditional, but as time went by we evolved into an image that was very much anything but traditional.  The album should be out by the end of the month, and I can’t wait to see this image in the album.  Devin thanks for letting me create something a bit more unique then what I thought we were going to do at first glance.  You can visit the Nori Nori website at and get a feel for the music.   Enjoy Brian.

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Doing Whats Already Done In a New Way.

So what is it about the Everglades and all the photographers that have created photographs in the Everglades that inspires me to create images there? I always like the challenge of creating images of places as well as things that are commonly photographed, and in doing so I find great pleasure when I succeed in creating new images from what may seem to be overly photographed places and things. So if you want to shoot the Everglades just try and do it in a way that makes it your image rather then a copy of what has already been captured. Good luck cause it isn’t always easy to achieve the goal of creating something totally new and exciting. Brian

The Human Footprint In Everglades N.P.

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Seeing Native Plants in a New Way

In an attempt to show some of the various native trees and plants of the Everglades I have decided to present them in a way that most people would think to present them.  I am showing more of the design of the plan rather then the plant itself.  What I have done is place the plant over a materiel that allows the shadow to show through the material and I then photography the shadow from the back side of the material.  The idea is to make people more aware of the design rather then the colors or textures of the plant as they all have a unique design that separates them from so many of the other plants of the Everglades.  Enjoy the view  Brian

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Extra Extra Read All About it.

I am now linking the Blog portion of my web site to my twitter account, and hopefully on to my Facebook page if all goes as planned.  I am not all that clear as to what it is I have to do in order to allow the Blog to work with Twitter, and Facebook but I will get it done.   I can be followed on Twitter at Briansphotoisms or on Facebook at Brian Trainor Fin e Art Photography.  Either of these two links will allow you to follow my continually expanding collection of new works and ideas

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Time In the Life of a Bottle

I always like to visit the Mansfield Drive-in Flea Market when I am vacationing in Connecticut, and that is where I met Alfred Aniello a bottle digger who locates what was once a trash pile, and from there he find so many of these collectable bottles.  I found Alfred’s stories about  what he does to locate the sites and how he goes about getting these bottles to be very interesting.  Coming from a place like Miami where everybody seem to be hiding something or for what ever reason does not want to let you take any pictures regardless of what the subject is or what your purpose is. When  I met Alfred on my first trip as well as my second trip he was willing to let me shoot what ever it is I was seeing with his bottles.  So for that I say thanks for letting me create this image of the bottles that  that I have been wanting to do for some time.  Brian

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Quick Links

The interview about my 2011 Artist In Residence In Everglades will air on Miami’s local PBS Television Channel 17 on July 14, 2011 at 9:00pm. Please tune in, and discover some of the concepts, and ideas I am using for my Everglades residency.  Thanks, Brian.

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The Everglades Project 2011

I am asking for any ideas you might have as to  where it is I could possible show my     Everglades Work? I have a few places lined up    but I am still trying to find a few new places as  well as a place to open the show in Miami.  The places I have already booked are the Everglades City Museum, North Broward Regional College Library Gallery,  Miami Dade College Homestead Gallery,  Homestead City Hall, and the Datran Building Gallery.  So with these locations already book where should I look look know is the question I have for you all.  Please send me an e-mail or  give me a call at (305)-721-7770 , and let me know what your ideas are.  Thanks, Brian. . . . .

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