Cutler Bary artist Brain Trainor exihbits 'Water Art'
at Biscayne National Park

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Cutler Bay resident Brian Trainor has a knack for snapping pictures out of focus and turning mundane images like shards of glass into pieces of artwork.

``I break the rules when it comes to taking pictures and a lot of the time I'll cock the camera so that the lens is crooked,'' says Trainor who is exhibiting his photographs in his second solo show called ``Hanging Out'' in Biscayne National Park.  The free exhibition is running at the park's Dante Fascell Visitor Center Gallery until Feb. 15, 2010.

In the show: 20 photographs featuring images taken over a two-year period at the park.  ``I looked at other artists' work from the park which were traditional pictures of a lighthouse, boats, mangroves and fish and I decided to do something different,'' Trainor said.  The former U.S. Navy photographer did just that using a Canon PowerShot GT10 camera -- and a lot of careful planning.  He and his camera went everywhere in search of subjects that could be presented in untraditional ways -- from diving underwater to climbing a lighthouse.   He's also taken a boat ride to Stiltsville as well as floated around the ocean with garbage.  It's all in the name of art -- he captured the images for the world to see.  ``My intentions were to add interest to common subjects that would otherwise be seen as nothing more than a portrait,'' he said.   In fact, things such as lines, shapes, and colors is what Trainor tends to highlight in his work rather than the subject itself.   Evidence of that is found in his art of a Boca Chica Key lighthouse -- which only reveals spirals and blue skies.  Another image called ``Hanging Out'' captures a vivid-hued blue shirt dangling upside down on a clothing line from a house in Stiltsville over an aquamarine ocean.   Several photos take place underwater and point upward at objects like mangroves and pieces of Plexiglass.   Then there are the ones which describe the pollution problem at the park.

``Another Day'' illustrates broken bottles all pointing into a jar. His creation ``Catch-of-The-Day'' depicts bottles as fish being pulled up on a line.   ``His photographs make you think of what people are doing to the ocean and to marine life by polluting,'' said park ranger Gary Bremen.  Bremen said the park has been exhibiting artists' work through their community arts program for the last six years and Trainor was selected because of his unique perspective. ``I've worked at the park for 15 years and his photographs have made me see it in a new and different way,'' said Bremen. ``It really intrigues you and it makes you think.''

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