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I am a self-taught photographer with the exception of two Navy Photo Schools, and seven years as an active duty photographer.  I have spent the past almost thirty years shooting and experimenting with photography as my medium of choice.  During my middle and high school years I began to explore photography as a creative way to express myself.  I have always felt that there was more to photography than just snapshots, and in doing so I continuously search and experiment with different methods.  My intentions are to add interest to common subjects that would otherwise have little interest and be seen as merely nothing more than a portrait of a subject.  While I do shoot digital images, I don’t allow digital manipulation.  I feel my images are that of a creative process which allows me to explore the potential of a subject.  I find the process from the initial idea to the finished project a continually evolving emotion that allows me to express my artistic interpretations of a subject.


Artist Statement

Photographic Artist  Brian Trainor  

As an artist, photography is a creative means of exploring and developing an understanding and appreciation for a subject and its potential for compositional importance.  
When viewing the subject, I begin to search for alternative ways to present it in an untraditional way. As I employ my imagination, creativity and sense of curiosity, I begin to develop my interpretation of the subject. The process evolves until the result is a unique image.

While most things have been photographed, my goal is to create an image that viewers are drawn to for its distinct perspective and innovation. When the connection between the viewer and the image occurs, the foundation for a renewed awareness and interest in the subject is established.

My desire to learn more about photography has led me to explore new ideas and methods in creating my work. I often find the lines, shapes, and colors of the subject to be more important than the actual subject itself. When I begin to evaluate common subjects ─ often everyday items such as paper, flowers, and water ─ I experiment with techniques that involve lightning, exposure, and atypical point of view. For example, through the use of wind-up flashlights, I’ve taken photography back to its textbook definition of painting with light. By adjusting aperture and length of exposure, I transform a subject into an original interpretation. By changing the traditional angle and viewpoint of a subject, I present a different look. The result is a photograph that is more compositionally complex and thought-provoking, an optical journey for the viewer.

After nearly three decades of shooting, it’s only been in the past few years that I have presented my work on a greater scale to the community at large. My experience in public venues has led me to search for and seek opportunities to further present my work to a larger viewing audience. My excitement for photography has always been strong and continues to grow as I explore the creative potential of the discipline as a form of art. My inspiration and satisfaction comes from seeing the positive and powerful effects my images create in people. I feel that I’ve accomplished one of my goals when a person has a newfound appreciation and understanding of photography as an art.   

Brian Trainor

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