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Time In the Life of a Bottle

I always like to visit the Mansfield Drive-in Flea Market when I am vacationing in Connecticut, and that is where I met Alfred Aniello a bottle digger who locates what was once a trash pile, and from there he find so many of these collectable bottles.  I found Alfred’s stories about  what he does to locate the sites and how he goes about getting these bottles to be very interesting.  Coming from a place like Miami where everybody seem to be hiding something or for what ever reason does not want to let you take any pictures regardless of what the subject is or what your purpose is. When  I met Alfred on my first trip as well as my second trip he was willing to let me shoot what ever it is I was seeing with his bottles.  So for that I say thanks for letting me create this image of the bottles that  that I have been wanting to do for some time.  Brian

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