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I am working and re-working my website to add some new galleries and images while removing some of the old work that just doesn’t seem to be as exciting as some of the new work. I am also adding new galleries to the Artist Info tab which will include some shots of me working, Media Articles, Images of some of my shows as well as a gallery I have wanted to add for some time now which will include some images of the other mediums I sometimes work in. All in all this will be a better site with lots of new work and information about the work and the ideas I use to create my images. I am trying to keep my website more current and this is a big step in the right direction. Should you also like to know about upcoming shows and events please email me at an please don’t worry I am not one for sending emails every time I take a picture. This year I sent a total of five emails and have found it to be more then enough emails to let people know what I am up to. You can also like my Facebook page Brian Trainor Photography .com by just clicking on the link on my website homepage. Have a Great day and don’t forget to stop back cause things here are always changing for the better.

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  1. I would also like to invite you to visit my Facebook like page that can be connected to directly from my websites home page. I recently deleted 95% of my friends from my friends page and am hoping to focus more on my website and the website extension which is my Facebook Like Page. Thank you for stoping by look forward to seeing you around the internet neighborhood. Also are you local to Miami or are you further away then that cause I have several showings and a going on as well as new gallery here in Cutler Bay that shows my work. Thank you and have a great day. Brian

  2. Please do come back often and also if your doing Facebook please go to the link on my website and you can see what I have set up as an extension of my website. Thank You Brian.

  3. Please do come back and be sure give feed back when something is good or bad as I grow best as an artist with the help of others. I would also like to have you join me on my Facebook like page of the same name which can be linked from my website home page. Thank you Brian

  4. Thank you and be sure to join my Facebook Like Page that can be reached from my Website home page. It’s almost like an extension of my website. Thank You Brian.

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